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No Contract Monthly Plan

Monthly Massage: Continue receiving 1 or more massages each month and Save.  For a Customized,Stress Relief,Swedish and or Hot Stone Massage.

30 Minute                         $40.00     Save $10

60 Minute                         $70.00     Save $30

90 Minute                         $100.00     Save $35

Hot Stone Massage         $80.00      Save $20

Please see Massage for Prices on all other modalities.

Miss a month and return the following month and pay Regular price. 

ex.  1st month          60 Minute Massage  $70.00      1 session in a month

      2nd month          60 Minute Massage  $70.00      1 session in a month

      3rd month            missed 

      4th month            $100.00  For the first session. Starting over.

      5th month           60 Minute Massage $70.00       1 session in a month

Your perks  will be sent in an email when you choose this option.

To Join; just schedule your next appointment during or after you check out.