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Investing in a massage is an investment in your health.  ***Please see No Contract Monthly Plan for details on how you can receive this discount.***


Using light to medium pressure to increase circulation of blood flow and relieve muscle tension.

$50      30 minute          $40     November Contract Monthly Service 

$90      60 minute          $70     No Contract Monthly Service

$130    90 minute         $100  No Contract Monthly Service



Customized Massage

Customers request.  Can combine a deep tissue massage with a Swedish Massage.  Address specific concerns such as Rotator Cuff, Lower Back Pain, e.t.c. ( Please call to confirm, what type of service you need, if it not listed on this page)

$50      30 Minute Session

$90      60 Minute Session     $70   No Contract Monthly Service

$130   90 Minute Session     $100  No Contract Monthly Service            


Hot Stone Massage

Basalt stones are used to improve blood circulation, relieves stess and relax muscle tension. 75 minute session.



Foot Reflexology( includes foot soak)

Stimulates the organs in the body which reduces stress, improves circulation, and eliminate toxins from the body


Sports Massage

Helps the muscles to recover quickly.  Increases blood circulation, relaxation and reduces injury. 



30 Minute Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage



30-Min Chair Massage 

$45.00 - Full Body---By appointment only.

50-Min Chair Massage

$65.00 - Full Body---By appointment only.


****Unless noted all massages are 60 min.  ******




Please call to schedule your next event.

Chair Massage For School's, Organization's,  Associations, Corporation's, Spa Parties,e.t.c.   Please call for a Quote (Not for Personal Use)












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